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Our High Technology Assets

BLIZZARD SEMI TRAILER have state-of-the-art innovative hydraulic systems which provides multiple loading capabilities. The innovative hydraulic platforms enables multiple loading possibilities and a maximum of 10 cars depending on vehicle dimension, can be loaded for each trip. Currently Starrtrek Carriers Sdn Bhd has a total of 6 units of this model.

Service Area – Blizzard Semi Trailer (Peninsular Malaysia)

Auriga Deluxe 122 Semi Trailer

AURIGA DELUXE 122 SEMI TRAILER is a state of art confidential carrier which is essential for the discreet and secure transportation of high value, prestigious, classic, vintage and confidential vehicles for transportation of locally. All of our transporters are fitted with winches to allow the movement of non-running cars or prototypes, and shallow loading angles (special load ramps for low slung cars) to ensure that cars with the smallest of ground clearance can be loaded without the risk of damage.

This trailer can accommodate 6 passenger vehicles or up to a maximum of 4 sports utility vehicles for each trip. Starrtrek Carriers Sdn Bhd has 1 unit of the Auriga Deluxe 122 Semi Trailer.

Service Area – Auriga Deluxe 122 Semi Trailer

Scania G-series Prime Movers

SCANIA G-SERIES PRIME MOVERS is the latest model accounting for fuel efficiency, increased payload, and improved productivity for long distance trips throughout Peninsula Malaysia. The prime movers are tailored to our semi-trailer’s needs to ensure that every technical aspect between both assets (Trailers and Prime Mover) work together as intended.

The Scania Prime Movers are fitted with GPS, tracking in real time and fitted with surveillance cameras for safety and compliance. Scania also uses FAME prepared ready for biodiesel B100 (environment friendly).